Black Arrow Offers Pre-Orders for New Bitcoin Mining Hardware

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Black Arrow announces 28nm 64Ghash Bitcoin ASIC as low as $1.99/Ghash

Black Arrow Ltd, a software and hardware development company focused on high quality products, has launched and is taking pre-orders for its Prospero Bitcoin Mining Machines and its Bitcoin ASIC codenamed “the Minion”. The first orders are expected to be shipped at the end of February 2014.

Black Arrow calls itself an “ambitious, fast growing software and hardware engineering company focused on delivering high quality and reliable products,” and has sold Bitcoin mining hardware at competitive prices.

Black Arrow Bitcoin Mining Prospero X3

In a press release, the company stated that its expertise in software engineering, hardware design, manufacture and customer support lead to develop solutions and answers for the needs of their clients. These solutions combined with today’s most advanced lithography, warrants the customers to get highest and most reliable mining revenue, reduced operating costs and an overall higher customer satisfaction.

Black Arrow further promised to do its best to offer lower retail price than its competitors and guarantees that in the eventuality of a price decrease before shipment, all preorders will benefit of a proportional increase in hashing power. For this reason the customers who have been with us from the beginning will always receive the best deals.

The Prospero line includes two types of crypto currencies mining hardware products: one to be used at home and one built for datacenters.

Black Arrow Bitcoin Mining Prospero X1

Prospero for home (X-1) features a compact and stackable design, out of the box functionality, Ethernet connectivity and friendly UI. It will have a performance of 64 Ghash/second. This product sells has a list price of $319 but is on sale for 25% off.

Prospero for datacenter (X-3) is designed for high performance mining, will be fully rack-able, have out of the box functionality, Ethernet connectivity and friendly UI. It will have a performance of 1300 Ghash/second. This product has a list price of $5,299 and is also selling for a 25% discount.

Black Arrow will start shortly taking preorders and offers 25% discount on all pre-orders paid in September and October. Today, using the 25% discount, one can buy a Prospero X-1 for $239 and Prospero X-3 for $3,999.

At today’s Bitcoin price and network hashing rate, X-1 would return $682 in 15 days and X-3 would return $13,845 in 15 days, though the actual revenue could be lower than this by the time of shipment.

As Black Arrow promised to all the customers who trusted and worked with us from the beginning, everyone who has purchased Black Arrow’s Lancelot mining devices and wishes to exchange them against Black Arrow Prospero miners will receive $300 credit for each Lancelot exchanged.

Black Arrow Bitcoin Mining Minion ASIC

The Minion ASIC which is the heart of the Prospero mining machines and is based on the performance and features demanded by Bitcoin mining: highest efficiency and lowest cost. It is developed by Black Arrow and VeriSilicon, a leading Custom Silicon Solutions and Semiconductor IP provider. The Minion will be 1,500 times more efficient in Bitcoin Mining than today’s fastest video card and it will be capable of scanning 64Ghash every second (roughly equivalent is 416Gflops). This design has been chosen to offer highest reliability, lowest power consumption and cost. Black Arrow is not making the biggest chip in the industry but exactly this design ensures highest reliability in case of a Minion breakdown.

Learn more at Black Arrow.

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4 Responses to Black Arrow Offers Pre-Orders for New Bitcoin Mining Hardware

  1. We are seeking a tertiary contact manufacturer. We would also consider purchasing your enterprise. Please shout back on our contact page

  2. diego says:

    therefore black arrow indicates the x-1 model provides 100GHs
    and model x-3 2000GHs

  3. CoinMiner says:

    They ship in in February 2014, in the meantime you can already start with cloud mining, check it out

  4. sebius says:

    Thanks, CoinMiner!

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