A Guide to Guest Posts for On Bitcoin

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On Bitcoin Guest Posts

We’re often emailed or tweeted with the question, “do you accept guest posts?” The answer is yes! Here’s how to get your post published on one of the leading Bitcoin industry publications.

Write About Something New

Not only should your post be 100% original content, but we also encourage you to take an insightful position in your post. We publish the most relevant and topical news for the Bitcoin industry, so set your bar high.

Say Something that Even Your Competitors Will Want to Read

We do regularly publish product and company launches (email us if you have an announcement to make), but for guest posts, we are looking for more objective points of view, rather than advertisements.

How to Get Published

  1. Write up your post, proof read, and email the copy to us: team@onbitcoin.com. Don’t forget to include relevant outbound links and/or links to other articles from onbitcoin.com. Also include your name and a link to your company or website you would like to include in the post credits. Any images you include should be a minimum of 615px and you must have proper rights and attribution (tip: look on Flickr for CC images)
  2. Our editors will review your post and respond within a few days with notice of edits or approval.
  3. We will publish the post and give you credit at the end of the post.

We usually don’t pay for guest posts, though we may bring some exceptional writers on as freelancers.

Looking forward to your ideas!


CC image by erink_photography.

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