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Buy a Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Bitcoin in Seattle

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“Ah, cheese, glorious cheese. Really, what is better than a delicious melty cheese sandwich on fine artisan bread?” — Seattle-based Cheese Wizards

Cheese Wizards is a family-run food truck that operates in Seattle. The wizard-themed grilled cheese business has been operating for about a year and seems to be gaining quite a following.

And with Seattle being known for tech companies like Amazon and Microsoft, what should a food truck do to stand out? Start acccepting Bitcoin, of course!

“We host a lot of smart, tech-savvy people in Seattle, and a lot of the brilliant minds in Seattle share some of our interests: wizards, fantasy, gaming, good cheesy sandwiches, and cutting edge cryptocurrency,” co-founder Tom Saxbe told Geekwire in an interview.

Cheese Wizards Seattle Bitcoin

The brothers use BitPay to settle Bitcoin into USD, protecting Cheese Wizards from the volatility of the Bitcoin market while paying lower fees than they do on credit cards.

With the average item on the menu under $10, adopting Bitcoin makes sense. Credit card companies take a flat fee plus a percentage, and there’s always a risk of chargebacks and fraud. With Bitcoin, there are no transaction fees (just a monthly fee to BitPay) and no risk of fraud or chargebacks.

If you’re hungry, look for Cheese Wizards around Seattle and have your Bitcoin ready!

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