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Startup Profile: Coingig Launches the eBay Marketplace for Bitcoin

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Coingig Bitcoin Marketplace

Coingig is part eBay, part Amazon, all Bitcoin

As adoption of Bitcoin rapidly increases, the alternative currency is gaining ground as a payment method for online marketplaces, but primarily only accepted for digital goods. Coingig is a relatively new marketplace that is taking the revolutionary step of only accepting Bitcoin for physical goods.

Coingig is part eBay, part Amazon, all Bitcoin. Individual sellers or small businesses can list physical items for sale, from clothing to electronics and beyond. Sellers price their goods in USD and Coingig automatically updates the price in Bitcoin every 10 seconds. Coingig charges a flat 2.5% fee to sellers, and holds payment in escrow to ensure transactions are successful.

Coingig Bitcoin Marketplace Listings

We connected with Kenneth Metral, CEO of Coingig to interview him about his company.

On Bitcoin: When did you create Coingig and what services does it offer?

Kenneth Metral: Coingig.com was launched 2 months ago with the intention of providing an easy and fast platform to allow users to buy and sell products using the new virtual currency bitcoin. Since the day that we opened we have already brought in 1000 products from sellers across the world that are looking to create a bitcoin business fast and easy. Many people compare us to the eBay and Amazon of Bitcoin but with the difference that our fees are pennies compared to what they charge and we allow users to buy and sell products from any part in the world, which is not possible with eBay nor Amazon.

On Bitcoin: What products sell best on your marketplace?

Kenneth Metral: The products in our inventory range from toys to electronics to even outdoor gear. Currently our best selling products are bitcoin t-shirts, stickers, electronics and paintball gear and even toy magnets. Everyday we receive tons of new products added to our inventory so orders come in for practically anything.

On Bitcoin: How has the volatility of Bitcoin impacted your sales?

Kenneth Metral: The volatility of bitcoin was a factor that was thought of when we built our system, when a seller lists a product they set the price they want to sell their item for to the current price of the local currency they choose when they sign up, our system will then automatically update their bitcoin price every 10 secs to the current exchange rate price for that currency. For example, if someone is selling a shirt for $10 USD, they set the price at $10 and it will show the equivalent bitcoin price right next to it, once the seller saves the item it will lock in that price and automatically load its BTC price on the fly without ever touching the price again.

On Bitcoin: What can you tell us about the future for Coingig?

Kenneth Metral: Coingig is still in it’s beta stage but we are growing very fast, with new buyers and sellers joining everyday our marketplace will soon grow to 5,000-10,000 items and housing all the possible products to be able to provide a one stop shop to purchasing goods and services with bitcoin. Our system was built from scratch so we can add any features that our users suggest and by being hosting with Rackspace we provide the fastest possible service to our users with zero downtime. We believe that by providing the best technology, design, and customer service we can become the new Amazon of this generation.

Learn more at Coingig.com

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At Bitcoin HQ, An Interview in the Meditation Room in the UK

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Bitcoin HQ

Interview at Bitcoin HQ in the UK

“Bitcoin started in the black markets, but people will soon realize they can cut large amounts of costs … It’s a new type of leadership.”

Understanding Bitcoin requires understanding the power users behind the alternative currency.

In the video below is an interview with two young libertarians from the UK sharing their perspective on the impact Bitcoin could have on the global market.

More from IamSatoshi.com.

Through London, Sun and rain, across the bridge, Bit-towers looms ahead, Anarcho- Libertarian, underworld cyber currency, or alternatively, the future.

Door opens and Mohawk welcomes us in. Post 80’s boom, large office complex, now home to upwards of sixty anarchists, activists, occupy members, squatters, hackers, programmers possible genius’s and appreciators of the above.

Upstairs to the Meditation room. We set up camera and get to know our hosts. Open source programmers and developers, stock market players and she sleeping off last nights party. Organic fruit, mineral water, soya milk an’coffee.

About to begin and Mohawk receives a call on his mobile.  Grandmother from Brighton calling to ask advice on how to move money without being rinsed by the money transfer co.’s. Mohawk advises elderly lady.  Anarcho- Libertarian support for the old and distressed by government. Stereo types are here to be broken.

Amir Taaki begins to speak, enthusiasm and imagination dance. Eyes telling of possible futures. Where people aren’t beholden to banks, untenable taxes, government  spying/ snooping. Prophecies of the future or youthful passion, are they mutually exclusive?

From dizzy heights we return to earth. Jonathan Harrison talks of markets, gold, silver, financial solvency and Libertarianism.  The language of the economist or banker (almost). Currently involved in negotiations with various  leading  exchange bureau’s. He points out, most criticisms are coming from institutions that may well lose heavily if Bitcoin becomes established in the “mainstream”.  Confidence and pragmatism exist here. This is not an exercise in faith alone.

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Video: Max Keiser Predicts Bitcoin Market Growth to $1 Million Per BTC

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Max Keiser Bitcoin Market

Bitcoin Market Poised to Boom to $1 Million Per BTC

In the video below, Infowars talk show host Alex Jones talks with former stock trader and television host Max Keiser about the roller coaster Bitcoin market and the slowly disintegrating global economy.

Max Keiser explains how the value of Bitcoin could easily grow to $1 million per Bitcoin, discusses why the Federal Reserve hates it, and calls Bitcoin the “Cyber-Christ.”

Jones presses Keiser to admit he’s involved in the creation of Bitcoin.


Max Keiser photo by Stacy Herbert used under Creative Commons license.

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