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Bitcoin Prediction Market Predictious: Bet on Gender of the Royal Baby

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Bitcoin prediction royal baby

Irish startup Pixode has launched a Bitcoin prediction marketplace called Predictious. You can bet on anything: the next winner of the Tour de France, the top grossing movie this summer, or the sex of the Royal baby.

There have been prediction marketplaces before. Predictify was a US-based startup that let people wager with virtual currency (no cash involved) and went out of business in 2009. Intrade is another Ireland-based company that let users bet on any outcome, famously including the U.S. presidential election, with real money and suddenly halted operations.

What makes Predictious different is that Bitcoin is the only supported currency for wagers. This means that wagers are both virtual and real money, and anyone in the world can participate if they have Bitcoins in their wallet.

This seems to be the first time real-world events wagering has been coupled with Bitcoin. There are numerous sites focused on the speculation of the price of Bitcoin, but none let users wager Bitcoin on actual events.

Betting on the gender of the Royal baby is just one example of the type of major event that could continue to propel Bitcoin into the spotlight through a Bitcoin prediction marketplace. In the meanwhile, whoever gets the sex correct will win 10 BTC, or just under $1000 USD.

Learn more at Predictious.com.


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