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Top Bitcoin News Last Week: Tradehill, Regulation, ATM, FinCEN, More

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Bitcoin News

A roundup of the top Bitcoin news from August 26 to September 1:

Riddell Williams Bitcoin Lawyers

Tuesday, August 27

Wednesday, August 28

Thursday, August 29

Friday, August 30

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Legal Firm Riddell Williams Hires Bitcoin Experts to Lead Payments Practice

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Bitcoin Legal Experts Join Seattle Firm

Two of the leading legal professionals in the Bitcoin industry have joined Seattle-based Riddell Williams to co-chair the Payments practice area and provide expert services to Bitcoin companies. Pictured below are Daniel Friedberg and Ryan Straus, who each have contributed to the emerging Bitcoin business ecosystem.

Riddell Williams Bitcoin Lawyers

Friedberg has spoken at industry conferences including Bitcoin London and Bitcoin 2013, and has been quoted in major publications such as Fox Business, Tech Cocktail, and Business Insider. Friedberg has also published his work on the Bitcoin Foundation blog.

Strauss spoke at Bitcoin 2013, and published his writing in American Banker. He was also quoted in The Hill’s regulation blog.

Collectively, they represent some of the major players in the Bitcoin space for Riddell Williams, including exchanges, service companies, wallets, miners, investors, and merchants.

“We provide advice and help our clients implement compliance programs. We also directly interface with both Federal and state regulators to clarify issues,” said Friedberg in an interview with On Bitcoin. “Regulation of financial services business is inevitable and expected. We generally view the regulatory developments as positive steps towards acceptance. It is far better that we are moving towards a regime of regulation than prohibition,” he added.

Friedberg and Straus joined Riddell Williams and co-chair the Payments practice. “Riddell Williams understand the importance of this emerging payment system,” Straus explained. “Bitcoin is a natural fit for our payments group. Clients in emerging markets such as Bitcoin require the highest level of legal knowledge and service in order to make the right decisions.”

Riddell Williams is a Seattle law firm with over 60 lawyers that was founded in 1906 that has a specialty in financial services. Learn more at www.riddellwilliams.com.

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