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Kipochi Launches Africa’s First Bitcoin Wallet in Kenya

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Kipochi Bitcoin Wallet Africa

Kipochi’s Bitcoin Wallet to Enhance Mobile Payments in Kenya

In Swahili, Kipochi means wallet or purse, an appropriate name for this new Bitcoin payment service launching in Kenya.

Kipochi is a Bitcoin wallet where your mobile number is your account number. Bitcoins can be sent and received across the borders with very low transaction fees, about $0.04 according to Kipochi’s website.

“We’ve decided to spear head this as our goal is to make Bitcoin useful for regular people all over the world and not just computer programmers,” Kipochi said.

In Kenya, M-Pesa is a very popular mobile payment service for Kenyans to send money to each other, and Kipochi seems to fit in to that paradigm nicely letting Kenyans send and receive Bitcoin to people across the world.

Even though 1 BTC is $85 today, a single Bitcoin can be broken into 1 million parts, called Satoshis, or 1000 parts, called a Millibit. Kipochi supports transactions of Millibits.

Learn more at Kipochi.com.

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