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TradeRush Expands Exclusive Bitcoin Trading on Options Platform

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London-Based Options Platform TradeRush Expands Bitcoin Trading

Earlier this year, TradeRush announced Bitcoin trading as the latest feature in its services; thus, it expanded its assets to help traders earn more.

Based in London, TradeRush is the net’s fastest growing binary options platform, launched in 2011 and offering 81% maximum returns on 60 second options. The digital options platform offers a wide array of currencies, stocks, commodities and indices to trade via binary options.  In total, Trade Rush offers over 100 different assets for trading European two-way options.

And this year, Bitcoin was added to the mix.

TradeRush Bitcoin Options Platform

TradeRush has announced Bitcoin trading as the latest feature in its services; thus, it expanded its assets to help traders earn more. The new addition to the existing binary options trading assets, Bitcoin is available in exchange rate as part of the TradeRush traditional Call/Put binary options.

A spokesperson for TradeRush says that many investors favor the forex binary option BTC/USD in their trading and the broker is happy to provide Bitcoin mobile trading, a new feature added recently. The broker announced that Bitcoin values private currency and its rate is constantly changing and that is where traders can profit.

The broker also brings market analysis as part of an investor package for traders and those joining TradeRush and looking to profit from binary options will enjoy the updated market analysis from it.

The most renowned Forex brokers’ reviews provider, ForexMinute claims that TradeRush is offering exclusive trading opportunities for traders who wish to multiply their investments doing binary options trading. The review from ForexMinute claims that what makes TradeRush a preferred selection is that with it traders can bid even when they are busy in their office and moving as it is available in mobile phone.

Visit TradeRush or ForexMinute to learn more.

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Did the Bitcoin Bubble Burst Already?

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Bitcoin Bubble

Bitcoin Bubble May Be Over

Wow, the Bitcoin bubble blew up fast.

Bitcoins were trading for as high as $266 earlier this week and as low as $77 today.

Trading activity overwhelmed exchanges like Mt. Gox and trading was halted twice, as shown in the chart below from CNN Money.

Bitcoin Bubble Burst

“The rather astonishing amount of new accounts opened in the last few days…made a huge impact on the overall system that started to lag,” said Mt. Gox. “As expected in such situations, people started to panic, started to sell Bitcoin in mass…resulting in an increase of trade that ultimately froze the trade engine.”

This comes on the heels of Bitcoin theft and DDoS attacks on the exchange.


Bubble photo by Visual Artist Frank Bonilla used under Creative Commons license.

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Bitcoin Media: New York Times Profiles Bitcoins

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Bitcoin Media New York Times

Bitcoin Media Goes Mainstream

In a sign of growth in mainstream awareness of Bitcoin, the New York Times published a feature on the revolutionary alternative currency. In the article, topics including Bitcoin mining, trading, transactions, and economies are covered.

On the Bitcoin economy:

The price increase becomes a question of supply and demand. Unlike other currencies that can adjust the money supply depending on economic conditions, bitcoins have a supply that is fixed. The amount of new coins that can be minted was plotted at the outset with a finite number of coins at the end, roughly 21 million in the next century. Today, the rate is 25 new coins every 10 minutes; for the first four years, it was twice as many, 50 every 10 minutes.

On Bitcoin transactions:

So far, excluding investors and day traders, the main use of the currency appears to be illicit activity. There are the online gambling sites that use bitcoins. And the anonymous online marketplace Silk Road, which accepts only bitcoins, is “overwhelmingly used as a market for controlled substances and narcotics,” according to a paper on Silk Road written by Mr. Christin of Carnegie Mellon.

He used clues on the site, including buyer feedback reports, to calculate how much and what kind of business was being transacted. His conclusion, as of July 2012, was that $1.2 million in business was carried out each month, much of it for buying small amounts of narcotics that were delivered by mail. “We did see it was growing,” he said of the total value of the trades. “It pretty much doubled in the six months I followed it.”


Read the full article at the New York Times.

New York Times building photo by wallyg used under Creative Commons license.

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