Bitcoin Exchange Mt. Gox Reaches Across the Table at G8 Summit

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Mt Gox G8 Summit

“Come and Join Us!” says Mt. Gox

As the 2013 G8 summit kicked off last week, global leaders were discussing broad economic issues.

The Mt. Gox team bought a full page ad for Bitcoin in the middle of the G8 Research Group’s official magazine with a link to a special landing page.

The full publication is available here (Mt. Gox is on page 8).

Mt. Gox commented on their goals of placing this ad:

We want to convey a bold message as global opinion on Bitcoin is very diverse. Especially for G8 members it’s important to highlight what’s really important for Bitcoin to change the world. Bitcoin has the potential to bring together global citizens by enabling worldwide commerce with low costs and ease of entry for all social strata. Rather than dilute, Bitcoin enhances. Mt. Gox is looking forward to a positive outcome from the G8, and to being a part of the dialogue going forward.

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