Mt.Gox Now Offering International Wire Transfer to all US Banks

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Mt.Gox Bitcoin Exchange ABA Routing

Bitcoin Exchange Mt.Gox Embraces US Banks with ABA Routing

Earlier this week, Bitcoin exchange Mt.Gox announced the support of ABA routing number based transfers designed to simplify withdrawals to US based accounts.

Created in 1911 by the American Banker Association, the ABA routing number is, unlike the worldwide Swift Standard, a nine digit bank code used by all banks across all states offering a unique way to identify a bank in the USA.By supporting the ABA routing number standard, Mt.Gox is now able to provide customers the ability to make international wire transfers to banks that were until today not supported by Mt.Gox default withdrawal methods.

Mt.Gox users wishing to withdraw their funds to their US based bank account will now see along side the IBAN, SWIFT/BIC, a new ABA field where they will now be able to put their unique nine digit bank code identifying their branch.

Learn more at Mt.Gox.

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