German Artist Creates Bitcoin Art Inspired by Andy Warhol

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“200 Bitcoins” Represents First Contemporary Artwork for Digital Currency

The Dollar was painted many times, by John Habele, Otis Keye, Victor Dubreuil, John F. Peto just to name a few.

William Michael Harnett painted the dollar so realistically that he was arrested for counterfeiting.

But nobody connected money and creativity so consequently like Andy Warhol. His Print “200 one dollar bills” was sold for many times its face value.

200 Dollar Bills Warhol

Bitcoin is a rather young currency and hasn’t experienced such an endorsement by an contemporary artist, until now. German artist Kuno Goda has been inspired by Andy Warhol’s print and the Bitcoin movement. The result is “200 Bitcoins”, selling for 199 BTC.

200 Bitcoins Art

200 Bitcoins

Inspired by the Bitcoin movement and Andy Warhol’s “200 One Dollar Bills“.
Dedicated to Satoshi Nakamoto
Signed Canvas Print
23.6 x 47.2 inch / 60 x 120 cm
Price: 199 btc (negotiable)
The artist’s note on this work:
A banknote is a piece of paper we assign a certain value to.
So are artworks.
So are bitcoins.  Minus the paper.
Below is a gallery showing the work hanging on a wall.
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