Bitcoin Breaks $200 in Second Highest Historical Price Peak

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The price of Bitcoin starting soaring over the weekend thanks to activity in China and the fall of Silk Road. The rally has continued and the value of 1 Bitcoin has now broken $200.

This is the second highest peak in the history of the cryptocurrency. The last peak was in April when Bitcoin hit $266.

Is today’s price a new bubble? Check out our coverage from April on that historic climb.

Read: Did the Bitcoin Bubble Burst Already? (April 12, 2013)

Bitcoin Bubble

The last time Bitcoin reached a peak and crashed was due in large part to DDoS attacks on the exchange Mt.Gox. This time around, while Mt.Gox is still a major player, events at the exchange have much less effect on the overall Bitcoin economy.

What are your thoughts on this price rally? Will it keep going or correct itself?

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