Bitcoin Wallet Goes Mobile with New Coinbase iPhone App

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“We’re excited to announce our iOS app is now available on the App Store!” — Coinbase team

If there was one major critique of Bitcoin wallet provider Coinbase, it was the lack of an iPhone app. The company did have an Android app, but nothing on iPhone.

To the delight of its userbase, Coinbase today announced the availability of the Coinbase iPhone app in a blog post. Now users can buy, sell, and send Bitcoin on iOS, Android, and the web.

Coinbase iPhone app

This is a big step forward for Bitcoin payments accessibility. Prior to the launch of the Coinbase iPhone app, iOS users had limited options for mobile payments, with most using a relatively challenging app from

Link: Get the Coinbase iPhone App


Some users might be worried about security. What happens if your phone gets stolen?

Coinbase says they have you covered. “To protect your Coinbase account you can set a pin code in the app, and even remotely disable access if you phone is ever lost or stolen.”

Apple and Bitcoin

Apple continues to have an arms-length relationship with Bitcoin. In the app, for example, restrictions from Apple led to the exclusion of bitcoin wallet functionaility in the latest version.

It looks like Coinbase has received the green light from Apple to have a fully-featured app. Great news for the App Store overall.


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