Bitcoin Price Breaks All Time High, Hits $270, $3 Billion Market Cap

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Bitcoin Breaks $270 in Historic Climb

Today marks a new all-time high for the digital currency Bitcoin. For the first time ever, Bitcoin was traded at $270 on Japan-based exchange Mt.Gox. On Coinbase, the price of Bitcoin was just below $270.

With nearly 12 million bitcoins in circulation, Bitcoin now has more than a $3 billion market capitalization

Here are the charts showing the historic climb of Bitcoin.

Mt Gox Bitcoin All Time High

Mt. Gox chart from Bitcoin Charts

Coinbase Bitcoin All Time High

Coinbase chart from Coinbase

Looking Back at the Last Peak

The last time Bitcoin reached prices this high was in April 2013. The currency reached $266 and then crashed dramatically.

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This time, there seems to be more stability around this climb. Increased adoption and trading volume in China has contributed to the price climb.


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