Like Physical Coins? Get Bitcoin as Collectible Coins with Titan Mint

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Titan Mint make the digital currency Bitcoin physical

One of the critiques by new Bitcoin adopters is that the currency is not physical. Titan Mint wants to help collectors and Bitcoiners alike literally get their hands on Bitcoin.

“The Bitcoin as an investment represents one of the largest bull markets in history and is poised to continue growing,” says Tim Fillmore, CEO of the Titan Mint, the company producing the coins. “We’re looking to attract the everyday consumer to this new currency with our Titan Bitcoins.”

Unlike digital Bitcoins, Titan Bitcoins are actual, physical, limited edition collectible coins. This means that anyone can get in on the growing Bitcoin movement without having to install any software, learn about another technology or pick up any new skills. Titan Bitcoins provide a uniquely attractive and highly secure form of Bitcoin ownership and make for a fascinating conversation piece. The designs are hand sculpted by expert coin designers and minted with quality in mind so that the coins truly look and feel like currency.

Titan Bitcoins Physical Collectible

Bitcoins represent a digital currency revolution as people are beginning to see the value of a system of money that is independent from the existing financial industry. “Buying Titan Bitcoins is as easy as buying any other collectible coin and it’s a seamless way for anyone to join the bitcoin boom,” says Fillmore.

Titan Bitcoins have a digital value in Bitcoins attached to them, like a gift card. Each Titan Bitcoin has its own webpage which displays its authenticity and current value in both bitcoins and dollars.

We caught up with Tim Fillmore, CEO of Titan Mint for an exclusive interview

On Bitcoin: How did Titan Mint get started? What was the inspiration for this business?

Tim Fillmore: As an ardent supporter of bitcoins, I was frustrated by how difficult it was to communicate the value of this new digital currency to those who hadn’t heard of it before. On one occasion though, I happened to hand a physical bitcoin to the person I was talking to as a conversation piece. Right then I realized, almost by accident, that holding a physical bitcoin brought clarity and understanding to the otherwise abstract and difficult to grasp concepts that make bitcoins so revolutionary. By giving them form as a beautiful and desirable coin, we’re wordlessly communicating the elegance of bitcoins as currency. People are hungry to know more when they have a Titan Bitcoin in their hand.

On Bitcoin: Can you explain more how your 2-factor authentication works? How does one
actually redeem digital currency from a Titan Coin?

Tim Fillmore: Our 2-factor authentication is basically a registration system for each coin. The goal is to provide an additional layer of security. When a coin goes to its new owner, they simply enter in an email address and password that their coin will be registered to. The coin’s email address and password are required in order to redeem it, effectively ensuring that no one but the current owner has access to the coin’s digital value. Redemption of a coin is as simple as filling in the form on the “redeem” page of our website, and then clicking a confirmation link in your email.

We also offer coins with a 30-digit private key included (similar to other physical bitcoins) for those that choose not to take advantage of our 2-factor authentication service. The value of these coins can be redeemed with any bitcoin client that allows you to import private keys.

Titan Bitcoins Security

On Bitcoin:  Where are the digital coins held? Do you have an offline vault or are you using another wallet service?

Tim Fillmore: For coins that we are holding for our customers in cold storage, we have permanently offline computers that are dedicated to the task of securely storing bitcoins. Those bitcoins are literally impossible for internet criminals to steal. Our cold storage wallets have redundant backups, both paper and digital, in multiple locations offsite. We also maintain a handful of online wallets that we use for day-to-day operations.

On Bitcoin: Where are you manufacturing the physical coins?

Tim Fillmore: Our coins are designed, minted and manufactured in the U.S. For coins that are made from precious metals, we make sure that we source our bullion from socially conscious providers.

On Bitcoin: What insights are your customers providing about why they are buying Titan Coins?

Tim Fillmore: Titan Bitcoins provide a tangible way to invest in the digital currency revolution. We’re providing an avenue for people to get in on the growing bitcoin boom without having to learn about a new technology or install any software. We’re finding that most buyers are attracted to our coins’ designs, first and foremost. We’re very happy to hear that people appreciate the work that we put into making these coins look and feel like real currency. Because Titan Bitcoins are produced in limited editions, they add an element of scarcity to bitcoin ownership which also makes them very attractive to collectors. From a collectible standpoint this scarcity is a significant added value, and it’s a value that just can’t be had when buying purely digital currency.


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