Bitcoin Gets You to Space with Virgin Galactic, Says Richard Branson

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Sir Richard Branson, billionaire entrepreneur and founder of Virgin Group, has made a major public endorsement for Bitcoin with one tweet.

Now you can buy a ticket to space on Virgin Galactic with Bitcoin, Branson confirmed in a blog post.

Bitcoin Accepted Virgin Galactic Richard Branson

Mr. Branson followed up in a video interview with CNBC explaining why he decided to make this move.  “Why not? It’s a new exciting currency,” said Branson.

Mr Branson explained that he sees Virgin Galactic customers in early Bitcoiners. People who got in early on Bitcoin and made a lot of money might want to go to space, he said. In fact, a flight attendant in Hawaii was the first customer to buy a ticket using Bitcoin. Virgin accepted her payment in Bitcoin, then transferred to dollars.

As an investor in Bitcoin himself and pioneer in commercial space travel, Branson believes Virgin Galactic and Bitcoin are both transformational ideas.

Branson also commented on the recent Senate Committee hearings this past week, saying that he hopes regulators create policy that does not stifle innovation.

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Learn more about Virgin Galactic in the video below.

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