BTC China CEO Pens Open Letter to Community, Launches Currency Lock

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BTC China CEO Bobby Lee has had a busy week. He wrapped up a tour of Las Vegas where he gave an inspiring presentation about China’s role in the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Then the People’s Bank of China (PBOC) told his 3rd party payment processors to stop allowing RMB deposits in China. The Bitcoin market crashed, heavily, then recovered.

In a gesture that many CEOs are taking these days, Mr. Lee decided to write an open letter to his community and publish it on BTC China’s website.

Bobby Lee BTC China On Bitcoin

The letter contains two important statements.

  1. Lee is looking for alternatives to allow deposits into BTC China.
  2. BTC China launched a new product called currency lock that secures Bitcoin via cold storage.

Here is the full letter, translated from Chinese:

Dear Bitcoin China (BTC China) Users:

Recently, due to third-party payment companies in China disrupted and Bitcoin (BTC China) recharge channels, resulting in China Bitcoin (BTC China) is temporarily unable to provide RMB prepaid services. In this regard, on behalf of China Bitcoin (BTC China) expressed deep regret for the inconvenience, please understand. We are actively seeking other recharge methods. Currently, in addition to recharge RMB, the yuan withdrawals, recharge and withdrawals Bitcoin service as usual, may be slightly delayed during peak hours. We have enough for the user bits and the RMB currency withdrawals.

Today Bitcoin China (BTC China) formally launched a new product, “currency lock” – the most secure online bitcoin wallet. “Currency lock” the safest way to store the user’s offline Bitcoin, a process known as cold storage, it can ensure that your wallet will not be stolen by hackers online. Your “money locked” account we have bank-level security protection. In the future, China Bitcoin (BTC China) users can send your bitcoins safely stored in bitcoins China (BTC China) of “currency locked” inside.

As China’s first Bitcoin and Bitcoin trading platform company, we have more than two and half years of operating experience and a good reputation. November 18 this year, China Bitcoin (BTC China) successfully obtained $ 5 million in financing, China Bitcoin (BTC China) would have been afloat, please rest assured users. Five ministries notify People’s Bank of China also made it clear: “Bitcoin transaction as a commodity trading behavior on the Internet, ordinary people have the freedom to participate in the premise own risk.”

September 24 this year, we announced a temporary exemption transaction fee, which increases the degree of mobility and frequent Bitcoin transaction, resulting in China’s Bitcoin prices to some extent, causing a large number of reports of widespread concern in the community and the media. Therefore, in order to prevent speculation and cause Bitcoin Bitcoin prices spike, we choose to restore a 0.3% transaction fee, please customers understanding. Only maintain price stability bitcoin, bitcoins to get healthy development.

I believe you love Bitcoin will fully understand our decision.

Nicholls yuan (Bobby Lee) China Bitcoin (BTC China) CEO, co-founder of December 20, 2013

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