Bitcoin Week: Crypto Trading, Li Ka-shing, ZeroBlock,

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Bitcoin Week

Here is a roundup of the top Bitcoin news from last week.

The most popular Bitcoin mobile app ZeroBlock was acquired by Bitcoin wallet company sees mobile as a key part of its strategy going forward and has had some troubles with Apple. “When I’m asked what’s the killer app for Bitcoin right now I always recommend ZeroBlock,” said Nicolas Cary, CEO of made headlines with an announcement that it will start accepting Bitcoin next year. CEO Patrick M. Byrne explained why he wants to accept Bitcoin and said that price volatility doesn’t worry him. CEO Bitcoin

We’ve seen regulatory troubles in China over the last few weeks, leading to a price collapse. But it’s important to know that Asia’s richest man, Li Ka-shing, has invested in Bitcoin payment processor BitPay through his venture firm Horizon Ventures. He previously invested in Facebook, Spotify, Siri, Summly, and other successful startups.

And finally, our own contributor Bitcoin Leah video interviewed crypto day trader Johnny Roquemore. It’s a must watch!

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