Bitcoin Week: BitGo CEO, NYC Hearings, TigerDirect, Charlie Shrem

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Bitcoin Week

Here is a roundup of the top Bitcoin news from last week.

BitGo CEO Will O’Brien and Bitcoin Foundation General Counsel Patrick Murck appeared on TV in an interview with KING5 tech anchor Renay San Miguel. O’Brien shares his vision of building a “Charles Schwab for Bitcoin” and Murck comments on what it is needed to build stability in the Bitcoin ecosystem. Watch the video footage to learn more.

BitGo Interview with KING5

In news that shocked the Bitcoin world, Bitcoin entrepreneur Charlie Shrem was arrested for conspiracy to commit money laundering. Shrem was vice chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation and CEO of BitInstant, a Bitcoin exchange funded by the Winklevoss twins. Shrem has since stepped down from his post at the Bitcoin Foundation.

In merchant news, has reportedly processed over $1 million in Bitcoin since launching Bitcoin payment processing earlier this month. processed $124,000 on its first day. CEO Bitcoin

Another major online retailer, TigerDirect, also launched Bitcoin payments this past week and processed $250,000 in its first day.

This week, New York State’s top financial regulator, Benjamin M. Lawsky, is hosting a public hearing to discuss the implications and potential of Bitcoin with an invited group of Bitcoin entrepreneurs and investors. In November, the public hearings held in Washington D.C. saw positive sentiment from a Senate Committee. We will see how this hearing plays out.


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