Bitcoin Week: Are We Past a Bitcoin Tipping Point?

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Bitcoin Week

Here is a roundup of the top Bitcoin news from last week.

Our contributor @BitcoinLeah published two extensive pieces of analysis. The first was a recap of the hearings that took place last week in New York. Executives from Coinbase, Circle and Overstock provided testimony in hopes to educate and enlighten regulators about the opportunities for Bitcoin.

A second article by Bitcoin Leah took a look at the Bitcoin regulatory landscape across 5 of the most influential countries: the United States and the BRICs (Brazil, Russia, India, and China).

New York Hearings Bitcoin

In other regulatory analysis, we looked at a recent publication by Adam Ettinger, a veteran lawyer and managing partner at SF-based Strategic Counsel Corp. Ettinger discussed four indicators that suggest we are past the tipping point with Bitcoin. The key question is whether regulators will be Bitcoin-friendly. Ettinger said it’s a land grab for the first state to open its arms to Bitcoin entrepreneurs.

Bitcoin Tipping Point

Popular financial dashboard Mint added Coinbase integration, allowing its customers to watch their Coinbase balance next to their credit card statements and car loans. Mint is not the first company to provide this monitoring capability. Venture-backed Bitcoin services company BitGo allows users to monitor all of their Bitcoin balances in one dashboard by entering public Bitcoin addresses.

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