Silk Road 2 $2.7-million Heist – A Hollywood Suspense Thriller!

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(Editor’s note: warning, graphic language below)

A massive online black market which can only be found in the deep web, a theft worth $2.7 million, the culprit still at large, the safety of revolutionary new technology Bitcoin put to the test, civilian vigilantes doxxing potential innocents, an anonymous kingpin mastermind begging for a second chance – Hollywood could learn a lot from Silk Road 2 about heightening stakes and creating suspense in this epic whodunnit thriller!

Seriously, I can’t look away! What will happen next to Silk Road 2 kingpin Defcon and his merry band of anonymous self-proclaimed “freedom fighters?”

Will it be revealed to the enthralled audience that the thief of 4474 bitcoins is actually Silk Road mastermind Defcon himself? Twist!

After reading all of his truly heartfelt and sincere statements on Silk Road 2 forums, I believe that Defcon and his team were not involved… either that or Defcon is a sociopath and a communication genius. But, I believe the former is much more likely. Otherwise, why wouldn’t Defcon be kickin’ it on a tropical island, drinking a delicious mojito  and being fanned by poor indigenous women?

Why would Defcon be expressing his extreme distress to his beloved community of outlaws?

“I have failed you as a leader, and am completely devastated by today’s discoveries. I should have taken MtGox and Bitstamp’s lead and disabled withdrawals as soon as the malleability issue was reported. I was slow to respond and too skeptical of the possible issue at hand. It is a crushing blow. I cannot find the words to express how deeply I want this movement to be safe from the very threats I just watched materialize during my watch.”

Why would Defcon be standing up for the innocence of his team?

“No staff were involved with the attack. I know this to be a fact. You will undoubtedly question how I know this. I wish I could tell you without damaging a crucial layer of our operational security. I would rather you call me the thief than accuse my innocent staff of wrongdoing. I will defend them with my life.”

Why would Defcon be offering overwrote inspirational messages about the importance of buying illegal drugs online? Why would he be calling everyone comrade (that’s unpatriotic Communist-speak for “friend”)?

“Being a part of this movement might be the most defining thing you do with your entire life. Don’t trade that for greed, comrades.”

Why would Defcon be offering to repay all of the stolen funds to Silk Road 2′s users?

“Buyers and Vendors: We are committed to getting everyone repaid even if it takes a year. Do not forget to check your SR accounts frequently for balances repaid, and withdraw them when you see them.”

However, Many Silk Road 2 users strongly disagree with me on Defcon’s innocence:

Silk Road 2 Forum Silk Road 2 Forum

Still many users believe in the innocence and good intentions of Defcon and his team and are offering their support in this “battle.”

Silk Road 2 Heist

In our world of infinite possibilities, what are some of the other possible plots for this story? 

Will a drug vendor who lost hundreds of thousands of dollars seek his revenge by hiring a hitman to track and kill Defcon?

If that’s the plan then best of luck finding your kingpin, violence lovers. Defcon has been very careful not to make the same mistakes as former Silk Road leader Ross Ulbricht (affectionately known in the underground as The Dread Pirate Roberts.)

In fact, Defcon is feeling so confident of his anonymity that he’s encouraging everyone who wants him killed to give it a go:

“If you hired a hitman against me, you’re brilliant. Hire more, it’s in the community’s best interest. It is better for me to be murdered by you than to be captured by our oppressive governments. Keep me sharp. Give me incentives to maintain my OPSEC.”

Will shrewd black market business men use the manhunt for the Silk Road 2 thief as an opportunity to doxx their competitors and hope the lynch mob does their dirty work for them? 

Defcon is strongly encouraging folks not to go around doxxing each other to death:

“Posting publicly will either cause an innocent to get hurt, or give a guilty suspect advance warning of what information we have. Give us a chance to consider the evidence’s security implications for the entire community, rather than recklessly releasing potentially damning information into law enforcement’s (LE’s) hands.”

“Do not forget that we are all suspects in LE’s eyes. If we find this attacker by unintentionally releasing valuable information to LE, we have all failed.”

“It is never appropriate to break someone’s anonymity. There is a worrying pro-doxxing culture developing here. We have a zero tolerance policy for this. Posts will be edited, users will be banned. This community will NOT be known for violence. Doxxing only causes harm. If you are in the rare position of holding personal details about anyone involved with SR1 or SR2, releasing it will only cause loss of innocent life and unspeakable collateral damage to the community.”

Will the Silk Road 2 community successfully doxx the real thief? 

An abridged open message to the alleged thief from Silk Road 2 user, and amateur detective, Oracle:

“Hey XXXXX, hows it feel reading this? Panicky? I won’t ask you or enter a dialogue XXXXX, but I’m going to insist you contact Defcon (Silk road 2 admin) or one of the moderators and arrange to pay back the money. Or ask them for an address and if by magic the funds show up, you’ll probably live out the rest of your life relatively healthy. If not.. there’s people who’s money you’ve taken who will probably make you wish you were in hell. Understood XXXXX? Fuck you and your ratfuck thievery.”

Silk Road 2.0 Homepage

“A VERY reliable source has confirmed to me unequivocally that PXXXXX (PXXXXX LUXXXXX) has been bragging that he hit Bitstamp, SR, and Gox with DDoS, flooded them with mutated transactions, and even made a fortune. TL;DR – XXXXX former contractor used the transaction malleability media hoopla (WHICH CAN NOT BE USED TO STEAL COINS) as a cloak to break in and steal. His initial development work probably worked as an advantage, or he kept a clone of the security methods, I don’t know – but PXXXXX LUXXXXX is now THOUSANDS OF BTC RICHER THEN HE WAS A WEEK AGO.”

Seriously, this is super awesome!

Well, it’s not super awesome for the criminals (aka freedom fighters) who had all of their bitcoin stealthily removed from their virtual wallets, but for the world audience, this is as good as entertainment can get. We all wait with baited breath for the next chapter in this epic saga of passion and betrayal.

Will Silk Road 2continue to prosper and provide our nation’s college students with psychedelic ‘shrooms and Adderall?

Will the feds discover Defcon’s true identity?

Will this be the end of Silk Road 2?

Will there ever be a Silk Road 3?

If there is a Silk Road 3, can the kingpin please go back to calling himself The Dread Pirate Roberts? I really dig that moniker.

Will the thief ever be found and brought to justice?

Will the vendors actually ever be repaid?

Will bitcoin make all of the early adopters incredibly wealthy? (Let’s hope so)(Speaking of which, Bitcoin Leah loves tips at 3NM4DLjDQ7AnQaDVjua8crWJXgdqwPwaV8)

What will happen next? Tune into life to find out.


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