On Bitcoin Holiday Gift Guide 2013 – Gyft, BitGo, and Bitcoin Deals

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After the success of Bitcoin Black Friday, many Bitcoin owners are looking for where to spend their bitcoins this holiday season. There’s still time to get some great gifts with Bitcoin.

Here is our Bitcoin Holiday Gift Guide 2013!

Buy Gift Cards from Gyft

When you just don’t know what to get for someone, the best idea might be a gift card. And the company leading this market is Gyft.

Gyft is a digital gift card platform that lets you manage your gift cards. The company offers iPhone and Android apps where all of your digital gift cards are stored. Some of the biggest brands — from Amazon to Target to Whole Foods — are already on Gyft.

What makes Gyft really compelling is that you can buy all of these gift cards with Bitcoin! This makes Gyft a great choice for your holiday shopping.

“Gift cards are the most popular gift this holiday season and it’s no exception amongst Bitcoiners,” said Vinny Lingham, CEO of Gyft, in an interview with On Bitcoin. “With the launch of Gyft points last month, we have seen a meteoric rise in our sales as we are now offering 3% points back with every gift card purchase paid using Bitcoin!  Gyft is proud to be an early adopter of Bitcoin and the leading digital gift card retailer!”

Go to www.gyft.com/bitcoin to buy gift cards with Bitcoin.

Gyft Bitcoin Gift Cards

Give the Gift of Bitcoin with BitGo

Given the meteoric rise of Bitcoin in 2013, giving Bitcoin to friends and family might just be the best gift this holiday.

But giving Bitcoin away is hard. It’s easy if your gift recipient already has a wallet, but what if you want to give someone their first Bitcoin? You could create a wallet and hold their keys, but that is a security risk.

That’s why we recommend you turn to BitGo. BitGo is a secure wallet provider that uses multi-signature technology. This multi-signature concept is rather new and BitGo is the pioneer. By using multi-sig, wallets are not susceptible to sudden loss because an attacker needs at least two keys to steal funds.

For gifts, this has the added benefits. A recipient does not need to have a Bitcoin wallet to receive a gift. Using multi-signature technology, BitGo can deliver the funds when the recipient clicks through to accept them. Kind of like an escrow service.

“BitGo is the easiest and safest way to give Bitcoin this holiday,” said Mike Belshe, co-founder of BitGo in a interview with On Bitcoin. “Simply enter the email address of your gift recipient we’ll tell them how to pickup the Bitcoin whenever they are ready to do so. We’ll even walk them through the creation of their first wallet and the funds will be waiting. BitGo is the only wallet provider in the market to use multi-signature protocols to prevent theft and loss.”

Send Bitcoin gifts at BitGo.com/gifts.

BitGo Bitcoin Gifts


Shop for Holiday Gifts at a Bitcoin Marketplace

If you’re looking for more traditional gifts, you can find some good deals by paying with Bitcoin. Here are some marketplaces to check out.

BitDazzle is a marketplace that offers unique, handmade products available for purchase with Bitcoin. Think Etsy meets Bitcoin. BitDazzle has thousands of merchants on board and takes a flat 1% on Bitcoin purchases, but also supports PayPal and credit cards. Read our review.

BitDazzle Bitcoin Marketplace

Coingig is part eBay, part Amazon, all Bitcoin. Individual sellers or small businesses can list physical items for sale, from clothing to electronics and beyond. Sellers price their goods in USD and Coingig automatically updates the price in Bitcoin every 10 seconds. Coingig charges a flat 5% fee to sellers, and holds payment in escrow to ensure transactions are successful. Read our review.

Coingig Bitcoin Marketplace Listings

And finally, be sure to check out the merchants that supported Bitcoin Black Friday and continue to support them! Here’s a short list:

  • OK Cupid – popular dating site will offer discount to Bitcoin users for their premium service
  • Reddit – offering discounted Reddit gold to Bitcoin users
  • GSM Nation – major seller of unlocked smartphones will start accepting BTC on Nov 29
  • CheapAir.com – deals on plane tickets for bitcoin customers
  • Namecheap – offering even cheaper domains and hosting when you pay with bitcoins
  • Private Internet Access – top rated VPN service sponsoring Bitcoin Black Friday
  • Humble Bundle — pay what you want, get awesome games, support charity, with bitcoin
  • Gyft – discounts on gift cards to major retailers, and you can pay with bitcoin
  • AdaFruit – open source hardware company that has just begun accepting BTC
  • Bitbrew – organic coffee you can buy with bitcoin
  • ChristmasTre.es – you can buy your X-mas tree with bitcoin, and get free lights
  • GOOD Magazine – offering $5 off subscriptions when you pay with Bitcoin
  • Internet Archive – discounts on merch from this venerable Internet institution
  • Beni Ouarain – authentic Moroccan rugs from the Beni Ouarain tribe, paid in BTC
  • Shave like Dad – bundled shaving gear, lower prices with bitcoins
  • Exohosting – 35% off web hosting when you pay with bitcoin
  • BitKidz – bitcoin business and book series run by three sisters under the age 13
  • CityWineCellar – first liquor store to accept Bitcoin offering deals on Black Friday
  • TorGuard – VPN privacy software, 75% off on Black Friday for bitcoin users
  • BuyReggae – offering 10% off all reggae vynyl if you pay in Bitcoin


Whatever you buy this year, be sure to make it a Bitcoin holiday!

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