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Bitcoin Leah: Pay Me in Bitcoin From Now On

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A New Bitcoiner is Born in Vegas

This article was written by On Bitcoin contributor @BitcoinLeah.

I received my invitation to drive out to Las Vegas for the Inside Bitcoins conference though a direct message on Twitter. I didn’t send a resume to OnBitcoin.com, I didn’t get a recommendation through an acquaintance and I didn’t give the website a call asking if they had work for me. My job opportunity came to me as a tweet, because the Internet has changed, and will continue to change, all of the rules of how we live our lives.

“The medium is the message” has never been more applicable.

I excitedly told my mother the news of my new job.

“They’re not paying you in Bitcoin, are they?” She worried. “Your grandfather doesn’t like Bitcoin as an investment. You know it’s not backed by anything real. Get them to pay you in dollars.”

I excitedly told a friend, who much to the chagrin of his girlfriend, has been avidly spending his days mining and trading crypto-currencies, the news of my new job. “Are they paying you in Bitcoin? Don’t be an idiot and accept dollars! Get them to pay you in Bitcoin!”

Therefore, the question on my mind going into the Inside Bitcoins conference was, “How do I want to be paid for this job? USD or BTC?”

In November, I’d found out about Bitcoin through an online article about a Silk Road 2.0 being opened under a new Dread Pirate Roberts.

Silk Road 2.0 Homepage

“We have to come up with a story other than Silk Road for how you found out about Bitcoin,” My new employers told me upon our first meeting over drinks in Las Vegas. “Bitcoin being associated with illegal activities is bad for all of us who are invested in the future of Bitcoin.”

Apparently, Silk Road is the Voldemort, the He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, of the Bitcoin world.

But look, in defense of my speaking of the devil, I wasn’t in the least bit interested in making any illicit purchases, but wow, was I ever interested in getting my digital hands onto some digital currency ASAP! With my meager savings, I immediately bought four bitcoins from Coinbase for $250 each.

A decentralized digital currency makes sense because our media, our communication and our knowledge have all already transitioned, or are in the process of transitioning, online. Moving currency online is the next logical step in our evolution and Bitcoin is the way we will achieve a new level of accessibility and unity with our currency. The entrepreneurs and investors I met in Las Vegas at the Inside Bitcoins conference are working hard to achieve this vision, and from what I observed, they’re off to a fantastic start.

Bitcoin isn’t backed by any government or physical assets and that’s the reason many people, such as my grandfather, are not willing to invest. But for me and the others like me, those of us who spend our days and nights craning our necks, backs aching, eyes glued to the Internet, alone and yet not alone in an increasingly unified digital world, Bitcoin is backed by the most important obsession of our lives. We live online and it’s only proper that we should have our own currency. For us, Bitcoin is backed by something much more trustworthy, important and precious than gold – Bitcoin is backed by the Internet.

After a little over a month, my initial Bitcoin investment of $1,000 is worth $3,448, and my expectations for the future are so bright that I’ve bought a new pair of shades.

Bitcoin Leah Sunglasses

For my time in Las Vegas, how did I want to be paid for my work? USD or BTC?

After meeting the men and women who share the same vision as I do for the future, I had no more doubts about which currency I would prefer to receive for my work.

I was paid, and will happily continue to be paid, in Bitcoin.


Bitcoin Leah

Bitcoin Leah loves nerds and Bitcoin. Based in LA, she is a published author and YouTube vlogger. She is a regular contributor for On Bitcoin and tweets at @BitcoinLeah.

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