Bitcoin Stories: The 300 BTC Porsche, First Supercar Transaction

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Bitcoin Stories Porsche 300 BTC

Bitcoin Stories: The 300 BTC Porsche

Here is a new entry in our Bitcoin Stories series. It starts off with a man who wants to sell his car, a 2007 Porsche Cayman S with only 8200 miles. He runs car ad that reads like most car ads, with details about the mileage and the options. But the catch is that he is only willing to sell the car for Bitcoins.

About 2 months later, he found a buyer for 300 BTC and completed the transaction on Bitcoin payment network BitPay.

The seller posted his story on Reddit, saying that this is the first supercar-Bitcoin transaction!

At Bitcoin market prices earlier this week, this makes the sale worth over $50,000 USD. Of course, if the buyer had been purchased or mined Bitcoins a few years ago, he could have just bought a Porsche for a couple of dollars.

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