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bitcointip at Reddit

The team over at The Next Web spotted a cool new trick on Reddit that lets you tip with Bitcoin.

Reddit recently introduced a system by which users can ‘mention’ other users; that capability opened the door for users of /r/Bitcoin to create a bot that allows for tipping.

The tipping service is now open to all Reddit subreddits, and all users, making it a site-wide experience. Details on how to get yourself up and running can be found here. In practice, the tipping is quite simple:

To tip the parent comment/post one dollar:

+/u/bitcointip $1

To tip user Bob .5 BTC:

+/u/bitcointip @Bob .5 BTC

It’s a simple, neat method to reward other users for behaving in a way that you approve of. The obvious analog to this new – albeit user-generated – capability is Reddit’s official system by which users can give each other ‘Gold,’ the service’s premium user experience that costs a few dollars.

If you want to dig a bit more deeply, /r/BitcoinTip is the place to go.


CC image by JefferyTurner

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