Chatrooms, Meet Bitcoin – CoinChat Pays You to Chat Online

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CoinChat Bitcoin Chatroom

CoinChat Lets Users Earn Bitcoin While They Chat Online

CoinChat is an innovative new chatroom concept, combining real-time chat with Bitcoin. The service has a unique spin that users can earn Bitcoins while they chat.

The creator of CoinChat goes by the username TradeFortress on the Bitcointalk forum and is based in Australia. We connected with TradeFortress for an exclusive interview.

On Bitcoin: Tell us how you came up with the idea for CoinChat and when it launched?

CoinChat: The idea of CoinChat originally came from a more primitive chatroom which had only one room that gave rewards. CoinChat launched in April of this year with IRC-styled chat and advanced features people expect, plus a major revamp of the user interface has been done since.

On Bitcoin: How does it work?

CoinChat: For chatters that are familiar with IRC, getting used to CoinChat is extremely easy. The design resembles IRC, allowing a quick and easy transition to the new interface. It also includes multiple features to enhance your chatting experience, including:

  • The ability to create custom rooms
  • Custom chat colors
  • Scripting based on an easy-to-learn language (Node.js)
  • Cat-like emoticons built in
  • A fully-responsive design that adapts to your device and current resolution
  • A friends list that allows you to keep up with who is online
  • Multiple methods to earn free Bitcoins by chatting

On Bitcoin: Why did you decide to combine Bitcoin with a chat room?

CoinChat: When you combine Bitcoins with a chatroom, you get cool bots and games – there’s the PvP #arena, #fishingbot, and of course cow tipping, which was one of the first bots created by our users.

CoinChat Bitcoin Chatroom Dialog

On Bitcoin: Who is using CoinChat today? How big is your audience if you can share?

CoinChat: CoinChat has users all over the world with diverse backgrounds and a lot of drama. Seriously, “come here for the coins, stay for the drama.”

It’s also open to customization. Through CoinChat’s scripting, the only thing limiting the creation of new services is the creativity of the programmer. There are already multiple bots running on the service, allowing members to gamble while playing dice, take part in cow tipping, go fishing and more. Since anyone is able to create their own scripts, the number of new and exciting games will only keep increasing with time.

A friends list helps with keeping up with users you wish to keep in touch with on a regular basis. This is matched with the ability to instantly and easily send private messages to one another, opening the doors for having private conversations with one another.

The custom chatroom option allows members to set up their very own rooms based on their own topics. They can get their friends in (utilizing a URL system that grants access as easily as clicking on the link) and others can find the room through a public listing. This helps keep different conversations on-topic and allows the room’s creators to moderate their own rooms, dealing with any problems that may occur.

On Bitcoin: How do users earn Bitcoin? Is your company funding this or do advertisers pay?

CoinChat: The best part about CoinChat is that it also pays its users for taking part in the community through conversation. There is a tipping system where members can tip each other for any reason, along with the normal earnings that are randomly rewarded on a line-per-line basis. All funds are earned in Bitcoins and can be instantly withdrawn to an account upon reaching 5 mBTC. Through CoinChat’s ability for its members to earn Bitcoins by chatting, it facilitates a system where everyone wins.

These payments are funded through advertisements and fees, as well as premium features like chat styles.


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