Top 10 Countdown: Most Popular Bitcoin Stories in August 2013

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Riddell Williams Bitcoin Lawyers

Here are the top 10 most popular stories On Bitcoin brought you in August 2013.

10. Google’s Android Security Team Addresses Bitcoin Vulnerability

It was discovered that a vulnerability in Android may leave users of Bitcoin mobile apps at risk, and Google addressed the concerns.

9. Canadian Startup CoinTap Sells Bitcoin Gift Cards to Help Adoption

CoinTap is the creation of Bitcoin Ventures, a Canadian virtual currency software development company that offers smart solutions for Bitcoin e-commerce.

8. Bitcoin ATM RoboCoin Kiosk Goes on Sale for $20,000

RoboCoin allows buying and selling Bitcoins from a freestanding kiosk that integrates software, bank grade hardware and security.

7. 22 Bitcoin Companies Issued Subpoena by New York Department of Financial Services

The New York State Department of Financial Services has subpoenaed 22 companies to understand the uses and implications of alternative currency Bitcoin.

6. FinCEN Gives Early Guidance on Bitcoin Regulation

The Bitcoin Foundation met with FinCEN, the crime enforcement division of the U.S. Department of the Treasury, as well as regulators and law enforcement.

5. Chatrooms, Meet Bitcoin – CoinChat Pays You to Chat Online

CoinChat is an innovative new chatroom concept, combining real-time chat with Bitcoin, letting users earn Bitcoins while they chat.

4. Legal Firm Riddell Williams Hires Bitcoin Experts to Lead Payments Practice

Two of the leading legal professionals in the Bitcoin industry have joined Seattle-based Riddell Williams to co-chair the Payments practice area.

3. Analyst Dick Bove Says Buy Bitcoin at $50, Today’s Price above $100

In a statement that seems to be either out of touch or bearish on the current Bitcoin market, banking analyst Dick Bove said he would buy Bitcoin at $50.

2. MasterCoin Proposal to Make Bitcoin More Stable and Secure

J.R. Willett has released a complete specification for building a protocol layer on top of Bitcoin called MasterCoin.

1. Bitcoin Exchange Tradehill Suspends Trading Due to Regulation Concerns

US-based Bitcoin exchange Tradehill has run into troubles, and has suspended trading “due to banking and regulatory issues.”


Thanks for reading in August!

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