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Top 10 Countdown: Most Popular Bitcoin Stories in October 2013

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Baidu Accepts Bitcoin

Here are the top 10 most popular stories On Bitcoin brought you in October 2013.

10. Checkout Using Bitcoin and Google Glass with GlassPay

GlassPay is a mobile app that lets Google Glass users scan items at retail, assemble a shopping cart, and pay using Bitcoin.

9. Bitcoin: Liberating Organic Farmers (Movie)

This short documentary is about how small organic farmers are using bitcoins to reach their customers directly – with no fees and middlemen.

8. Bitcoin Wallet Goes Mobile with New Coinbase iPhone App

To the delight of its userbase, Coinbase announced the availability of the Coinbase iPhone app. Now users can buy, sell, and send Bitcoin on iOS.

7. Bitcoin Breaks $200 in Second Highest Historical Price Peak

The price of Bitcoin starting soaring over the weekend thanks to activity in China and the fall of Silk Road. The rally has continued past $200.

6. Bitcoin Coming to the Big Screen in Silk Road the Movie

The next tech mogul to be profiled by Hollywood may Ross William Ulbricht, the recently arrested founder of Bitcoin drug marketplace Silk Road.

5. Bitcoin Cloud Wallets Comparison: Security and Liquidity

Which site is best for keeping a cloud bitcoin account? Learn about the leading providers and how they compare across security and liquidity.

4. Circle, A High Profile Bitcoin Startup, Raises $9M with Seasoned Team

Jeremy Allaire has raised $9 million for his new venture called Circle, a company that is embracing the Bitcoin revolution to offer lasting services.

3. You May Have a Fortune on Your Hard Drive: Recovering Lost Bitcoin

A Norwegian man finds 5,000 Bitcoin on his hard drive worth $800,000. Do you have lost Bitcoin? Here’s how to recover it.

2. Bitcoin Price Starts Soaring Again Thanks to Chinese Activity

The price of Bitcoin rose to $165, up from $125 a week ago. The downfall of Silk Road and trading activity in China are key factors in the increase.

1. Bitcoin Flash Crash: Real-Time Report of What’s Happening

Read the latest on the Bitcoin Flash Crash of October 2013.


Thanks for reading in October!

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Top 10 Countdown: Most Popular Bitcoin Stories in September 2013

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Black Arrow Bitcoin Mining Prospero X3

Here are the top 10 most popular stories On Bitcoin brought you in September 2013.

10. TradeRush Expands Exclusive Bitcoin Trading on Options Platform

Based in London, TradeRush is the net’s fastest growing binary options platform, launched in 2011 and with expanded Bitcoin trading capabilities.

9. CoinDesk Launches Bitcoin Price Index to Consolidate Exchange Spread

The CoinDesk index represents an average of leading global Bitcoin exchanges.

8. RoboCoin Bitcoin ATM Kiosks Coming to Canadian Retail Store Bitcoiniacs

Last month, RoboCoin ATM Kiosks officially went on sale for $20,000 per unit. Now, a retail store in Canada plans to deploy them across Canada. 

7. Bitcoin Mining, An Infographic

This infographic describes Bitcoin mining, what it takes, and the impact it has on the Bitcoin economy and beyond.

6. Bitcoin Experts Winklevoss Twins and Naval Ravikant at TechCrunch Disrupt

A panel of Bitcoin experts, the Winklevoss twins, Naval Ravikant, and Balaji Srinivasan, shared incredible ideas about the future of Bitcoin.

5. Croatian-Based BitKonan Launches Bitcoin Trading Platform

With incumbents like Mt.Gox, Tradehill, and TradeRush, is there room for another  Bitcoin trading platform? Croatian-based BitKonan thinks there is.

4. SecondMarket Launches Bitcoin Investment Trust

SecondMarket announced the launch a new investment vehicle called the Bitcoin Investment Trust (BIT).

3. The House Doesn’t Always Win in Bitcoin Gambling

One Bitcoin gambler had a rollercoaster ride of a gambling session and ended up on top of the casino.

2. German Artist Creates Bitcoin Art Inspired by Andy Warhol

The Dollar was painted many times, including a famous work by Andy Warhol. Now a German artist has created a Bitcoin work called 200 Bitcoins.

1. Black Arrow Offers Pre-Orders for New Bitcoin Mining Hardware

Black Arrow has launched and is taking pre-orders for its Prospero Bitcoin Mining Machines and its Bitcoin ASIC codenamed “the Minion”.


Thanks for reading in September!

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Top 10 Countdown: Most Popular Bitcoin Stories in August 2013

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Riddell Williams Bitcoin Lawyers

Here are the top 10 most popular stories On Bitcoin brought you in August 2013.

10. Google’s Android Security Team Addresses Bitcoin Vulnerability

It was discovered that a vulnerability in Android may leave users of Bitcoin mobile apps at risk, and Google addressed the concerns.

9. Canadian Startup CoinTap Sells Bitcoin Gift Cards to Help Adoption

CoinTap is the creation of Bitcoin Ventures, a Canadian virtual currency software development company that offers smart solutions for Bitcoin e-commerce.

8. Bitcoin ATM RoboCoin Kiosk Goes on Sale for $20,000

RoboCoin allows buying and selling Bitcoins from a freestanding kiosk that integrates software, bank grade hardware and security.

7. 22 Bitcoin Companies Issued Subpoena by New York Department of Financial Services

The New York State Department of Financial Services has subpoenaed 22 companies to understand the uses and implications of alternative currency Bitcoin.

6. FinCEN Gives Early Guidance on Bitcoin Regulation

The Bitcoin Foundation met with FinCEN, the crime enforcement division of the U.S. Department of the Treasury, as well as regulators and law enforcement.

5. Chatrooms, Meet Bitcoin – CoinChat Pays You to Chat Online

CoinChat is an innovative new chatroom concept, combining real-time chat with Bitcoin, letting users earn Bitcoins while they chat.

4. Legal Firm Riddell Williams Hires Bitcoin Experts to Lead Payments Practice

Two of the leading legal professionals in the Bitcoin industry have joined Seattle-based Riddell Williams to co-chair the Payments practice area.

3. Analyst Dick Bove Says Buy Bitcoin at $50, Today’s Price above $100

In a statement that seems to be either out of touch or bearish on the current Bitcoin market, banking analyst Dick Bove said he would buy Bitcoin at $50.

2. MasterCoin Proposal to Make Bitcoin More Stable and Secure

J.R. Willett has released a complete specification for building a protocol layer on top of Bitcoin called MasterCoin.

1. Bitcoin Exchange Tradehill Suspends Trading Due to Regulation Concerns

US-based Bitcoin exchange Tradehill has run into troubles, and has suspended trading “due to banking and regulatory issues.”


Thanks for reading in August!

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Top 10 Countdown: Most Popular Bitcoin Stories in July 2013

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Blueseed Bitcoin Funding

Here are the top 10 most popular stories On Bitcoin brought you in July 2013.

10. Bitbetex Jumps on the Bitcoin Gambling Bandwagon After SatoshiDice Exit

9. Bitcoin Gambling Company SatoshiDice Sold for $11.5 Million

8. Argentina Bitcoin Adoption Jumps in Recent Months

7. Turn Cash into Bitcoins in Seconds with the Lamassu Bitcoin ATM Machine

6. Bitcoin Prediction Market Predictious: Bet on Gender of the Royal Baby

5. Finding Business Model Opportunities in Bitcoin

4. Inside Bitcoins NYC Keynote: Is Bitcoin the New Financial Order?

3. Work in Silicon Valley? Pay with Bitcoin at Coupa Café in Palo Alto

2. Building Bitcoin into the Core Architecture of the Web

1. Cruise Ship Startup Community Blueseed Gets Bitcoin Funding


Thanks for reading in July!

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