RoboCoin Bitcoin ATM Kiosks Coming to Canadian Retail Store Bitcoiniacs

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Bitcoiniacs Wants to Make it Easier to Buy Bitcoin

Last month we reported that RoboCoin ATM Kiosks officially went on sale for $20,000 per unit.

Now, a retail store in Canada has announced that it has ordered the kiosks and will be deploying them across Canada.

Canada Bitcoin Regulation

“Basically, it just make it easier for people to buy and sell Bitcoins and hopefully will drive the adoption of Bitcoin, and make it more accessible for people,” Mitchell Demeter, the 27-year-old owner of Bitcoiniacs, told in an interview.

Demeter says that he is planning to roll out the ATMs across major Canadian cities such as Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Calgary and Ottawa.

RoboCoin Bitcoin ATM Kiosk

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3 Responses to RoboCoin Bitcoin ATM Kiosks Coming to Canadian Retail Store Bitcoiniacs

  1. […] RoboCoin Bitcoin ATM Kiosks Coming to Canadian Retail Store Bitcoiniacs […]

  2. […] month, we reported that Bitcoiniacs, a Canadian retail store, had ordered RoboCoin Bitcoin ATM kiosks and will be deploying them across Canada. This week, in a Bitcoin milestone, the first ever […]

  3. georgia says:

    Doom to be fail soon or later.
    A) I work around the corner at Spadina and King, didn’t even know there is such ATM exist. After read the news, try check it out but no where to be found. Hidden In some area corner?
    B) The fun part for Crypto Currency is anynomousity. If you need to present you IDs and other mean personal identity details to cashing in your Bitcoin or buying it, might well do it online where you could locate a better payout.
    C) Last thing you need is Taxman knock on your door to start audit you on income generated through mining which you forgot to deduct your expenditure, manpower invested in. Entire process would streas you to hell.
    D) Did I mistaken the crypto origin concept is for privacy and eliminate extravagance charges from financial institutions? Looks like Bitcoin thing is slowly falling into the same old system trap…

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