Top 10 Countdown: Most Popular Bitcoin Stories in September 2013

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Black Arrow Bitcoin Mining Prospero X3

Here are the top 10 most popular stories On Bitcoin brought you in September 2013.

10. TradeRush Expands Exclusive Bitcoin Trading on Options Platform

Based in London, TradeRush is the net’s fastest growing binary options platform, launched in 2011 and with expanded Bitcoin trading capabilities.

9. CoinDesk Launches Bitcoin Price Index to Consolidate Exchange Spread

The CoinDesk index represents an average of leading global Bitcoin exchanges.

8. RoboCoin Bitcoin ATM Kiosks Coming to Canadian Retail Store Bitcoiniacs

Last month, RoboCoin ATM Kiosks officially went on sale for $20,000 per unit. Now, a retail store in Canada plans to deploy them across Canada. 

7. Bitcoin Mining, An Infographic

This infographic describes Bitcoin mining, what it takes, and the impact it has on the Bitcoin economy and beyond.

6. Bitcoin Experts Winklevoss Twins and Naval Ravikant at TechCrunch Disrupt

A panel of Bitcoin experts, the Winklevoss twins, Naval Ravikant, and Balaji Srinivasan, shared incredible ideas about the future of Bitcoin.

5. Croatian-Based BitKonan Launches Bitcoin Trading Platform

With incumbents like Mt.Gox, Tradehill, and TradeRush, is there room for another  Bitcoin trading platform? Croatian-based BitKonan thinks there is.

4. SecondMarket Launches Bitcoin Investment Trust

SecondMarket announced the launch a new investment vehicle called the Bitcoin Investment Trust (BIT).

3. The House Doesn’t Always Win in Bitcoin Gambling

One Bitcoin gambler had a rollercoaster ride of a gambling session and ended up on top of the casino.

2. German Artist Creates Bitcoin Art Inspired by Andy Warhol

The Dollar was painted many times, including a famous work by Andy Warhol. Now a German artist has created a Bitcoin work called 200 Bitcoins.

1. Black Arrow Offers Pre-Orders for New Bitcoin Mining Hardware

Black Arrow has launched and is taking pre-orders for its Prospero Bitcoin Mining Machines and its Bitcoin ASIC codenamed “the Minion”.


Thanks for reading in September!

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