The House Doesn’t Always Win in Bitcoin Gambling

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Bitcoin Gambler Wins 7000 BTC in Rollercoaster Ride Online

Bitbetex Bitcoin Gambling

One Bitcoin gambler had a rollercoaster ride of a gambling session and ended up on top of the casino, as reported by, a European-based cybercasino offering a set of dice games played for the highly valuable digital currency Bitcoin, has been on a roller coaster ride.

Nakowa’s gambling began badly. His weekend started on a losing streak that made Just-Dice richer than it had ever been, causing the site to hit its highest single profit point of all time (7,000 bitcoins or $862,400 on hand), according to multiple witnesses.

However, as Nakowa – who has been called “fearless” – continued playing, a big swing hit hard. By Monday morning,’s on hand profit had been erased completely. It currently sits about $264,200 (2,000 bitcoins) in the red and sinking fast, waiting to be replenished by the casino’s savings account worth about $5.6 million.

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