Bitcoin Week: Senate Hearings, Richard Branson, Newegg, Trading, Tax

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Bitcoin Week

Here is a roundup of the top Bitcoin news from last week.

Senator Tom Carper held a committee hearing in Washington D.C. to learn more about Bitcoin from business owners and law enforcement representatives. The tone was positive and the dialog open. We provided a full summary of the hearing.

Billionaire Richard Branson announced that you can now book tickets with Virgin Galactic using Bitcoin. The first person to buy a ticket with Bitcoin was a stewardess who was an early investor in the crypto-currency.

Bitcoin saw increased trading activity and some exchanges could not hold up, preventing investors from capitalizing on the gains and falls of the currency.

Tax is an increasingly important issue. Tyler S. Robbins, Esq. authored a whitepaper outlining the considerations for taxation, disclosure, and penalties when operating in Bitcoin.

E-commerce giant Newegg hinted that they may accept Bitcoin soon.

And much more!

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