Bitcoin Week: Las Vegas, Bitcoin Leah, China, Regulation, Coinbase

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Bitcoin Week

Here is a roundup of the top Bitcoin news from last week.

We attended the Inside Bitcoins conference in Las Vegas. There were over 1,000 people there to meet and mingle with fellow Bitcoin entrepreneurs and investors. It was the biggest Bitcoin event ever!

Our own contributor @BitcoinLeah interviewed many of the key executives and we published an exclusive video. Bitcoin Leah interviews Brock Pierce, Alan Meckler, Sam Cole, and other Bitcoin executives, and hears pitches from many companies including BitGo, GoCoin, Lamassu Bitcoin ATM, Kraken, Tealet,, and more!

Follow Bitcoin Leah on Twitter to stay in touch with her, and you can send her bitcoin at 3NM4DLjDQ7AnQaDVjua8crWJXgdqwPwaV8 using BitGo or any other Bitcoin wallet.

BitcoinLeah Hero

Real-time network PubNub launched a solutions toolkit for building your own Bitcoin pricing app. We interviewed CEO Todd Green who declared that there should be no more Bitcoin fail whales. PubNub also announced a partnership with Bitcoin exchange Mt.Gox.

In the biggest funding event ever for Bitcoin, popular cloud-based wallet Coinbase raised $25 million from prolific venture capitalist firm Andreessen Horowitz. Coinbase now has over 600,000 customers transacting Bitcoin.

Back in Las Vegas, BTCChina CEO Bobby Lee took the stage to explain why China is #1 for Bitcoin trading. In a thoughtful and in depth presentation, Lee explained the cultural, political and regulatory factors that have contributed to recent growth.

Bobby Lee BTC China On Bitcoin

Practicing lawyer and Bitcoin expert Marco Santori walked the Inside Bitcoins audience through the regulatory requirements for Bitcoin companies. We published an extensive article detailing the difference between FinCEN and state money transmission license requirements, as well as both compliance and avoidance strategies.

And Tradehill CEO Jered Kenna gave an entertaining keynote at the conference with a look back on the key milestones over the past year.

And much more!


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