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Mt. Gox Makes New Appeal to Bitcoin Community to Share Stories

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Mt Gox G8 Summit

Tokyo-based Bitcoin exchange Mt.Gox has published a new appeal to the Bitcoin community. After a successful ad campaign promoting the positive adoption of Bitcoin during the G8 Summit in June, Mt.Gox’s parent company Tibanne is developing a grassroots campaign to show how Bitcoin affects real people and small businesses.

They are accepting crowd-sourced submissions by Wednesday, August 7.

Here is the official appeal from Mt.Gox:

Dear Bitcoiners,
Thanks so much for your support of our previous ad for the G8 Summit in June. We were able to get Bitcoin in front of a lot of influential people from around the globe and received a lot of amazing feedback.

Right now our parent company Tibanne is working on another campaign to promote Bitcoin by showing how real people and businesses are using Bitcoin to improve their lives. The campaign will be launched in a major print ad and website.

It’s short timing, but we’re appealing to merchants and individuals in the Bitcoin community interested in sharing their experiences with Bitcoin as part of this campaign. We’ll feature selected people and businesses in the ad as well as on the site, and of course link back to you.

What we need:

- Picture of you if you’re an individual, and you and your business if you’re an owner
- A quick quote about how Bitcoin has influenced you or your business
- We’ll need you to sign a release as well, so we’ll send that to you when you get in touch

The deadline for submission is August 7th 2013 (Wednesday) EOD. If anyone would like more information or has any questions, please don’t hesitate to post them here or send us an email at stories@tibanne.com

Thanks so much for your help, and we’re looking forward to getting your stories out to the world.

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Executive Coaching Firm Strategic Development Lets Clients Pay in Bitcoin

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Strategic Development Bitcoin North Carolina

North Carolina Executive Coaching Firm Starts Accepting Bitcoin

Strategic Development, Inc., is a leadership development firm based in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, and announced this week that it is the first such firm in North Carolina to offer clients the ability to pay in Bitcoin.

George Smart, Managing Partner at Strategic Development, said, “Our entrepreneurial clients are always looking for innovation and opportunities, including choice and flexibility in payment methods. As Bitcoin rises in prominence and use in the increasingly unstable global economy, so does the need to offer a universal digital currency payment option.”

Strategic Development is no stranger to payment innovation. In 1997, it was the first consulting firm in North Carolina to accept VISA, Mastercard, and American Express for professional services.

Bitcoin is increasingly being adopted as a global payment method because transactions are virtually instant, free, and nearly anonymous.

It is also gaining international popularity because it can accept payments from users in over 60 countries not served by PayPal, and in from countries where credit card use or acceptance are restricted because of political, fraud, and other reasons.

Strategic Development accepts Bitcoin using Mt. Gox, the world’s largest Bitcoin exchange based in Tokyo and Coinbase, a US-based exchange. Clients can use any conventional currency (dollars, euros, etc.) buy and sell Bitcoin through these exchanges for use with Strategic Development and any other businesses accepting Bitcoin.

About Strategic Development, Inc. and George Smart:

Over 400 organizations have trusted Strategic Development over the last 30 years for high-impact, relevant, practical leadership development simulations and executive coaching. Drawing from an MBA from Duke’s Fuqua School of Business plus training from the National Training Lab for Applied Behavioral Science, and the Center for Creative Leadership, Managing Partner George Smart conducts leadership development simulations to Fortune 500 companies and national associations on how to make the workplace less insane and more profitable. For more information, visit http://www.strategicdevelopment.com.


CC image by Dougtone

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Top Bitcoin News Last Week: Mt.Gox Changes, Coingig, Winklevoss IPO

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Coingig Bitcoin Marketplace

Bitcoin News

A roundup of the top Bitcoin news from June 27 to July 4.

Thursday, June 27

Friday, June 28

Saturday, June 29

Monday, July 1

Tuesday, July 2

Thursday, July 4


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Bitcoin Exchange Mt. Gox Resumes U.S. Dollar Withdrawals

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Bitcoin Exchange Mt.Gox

Bitcoin exchange Mt.Gox announced that they are resuming account withdrawals. Two weeks ago, Mt.Gox suddenly halted withdrawals of U.S. dollars, prompting wide concerns.

Below is the company’s published statement on resuming withdrawals and improving banking.

Dear Mt. Gox Merchants, Mt. Gox is happy to announce that global account withdrawals have now fully resumed as of today, after several days of testing our new system for processing transactions. We want to keep you informed about our progress in this arena, and especially assure our customers that their funds are accessible.

Progress in the Previous Two Weeks

While we announced that there would be a temporary hiatus on withdrawals, during our testing over the past two weeks we managed to process over $1,000,000 USD to customers. As this required a great deal of manpower and was not a perfect solution, we are quite happy with the progress made despite the conditions.

New Banking Partners

Mt. Gox has now formed relationships with several new banking partners both in Japan and around the world, and we are still in the process of finalizing even more. This means that we will have increased stability and ability to transmit withdrawals going forward.

Current Back-log

The new system is just now getting under way, so there is still a back-log of withdrawals that we need to process. Our team is working hard to increase transaction speeds, but there is approximately a two-week back-log we need to overcome. It will take a few weeks to get back to normal, and we thank you for your patience during this time.

Moving Forward

We at Mt. Gox are proud to be one of the first advocates and entrepreneurs in this growing ecosystem, but much still needs to be accomplished to bring trust and stability to a mass market. In addition to our improved withdrawal system and new trading engine, we are very excited about the innovation happening across our industry and around the world. Despite the hiccups, these are exciting times and we are eternally grateful for your confidence and support along this bumpy road.

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Mt.Gox Now Offering International Wire Transfer to all US Banks

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Mt.Gox Bitcoin Exchange ABA Routing

Bitcoin Exchange Mt.Gox Embraces US Banks with ABA Routing

Earlier this week, Bitcoin exchange Mt.Gox announced the support of ABA routing number based transfers designed to simplify withdrawals to US based accounts.

Created in 1911 by the American Banker Association, the ABA routing number is, unlike the worldwide Swift Standard, a nine digit bank code used by all banks across all states offering a unique way to identify a bank in the USA.By supporting the ABA routing number standard, Mt.Gox is now able to provide customers the ability to make international wire transfers to banks that were until today not supported by Mt.Gox default withdrawal methods.

Mt.Gox users wishing to withdraw their funds to their US based bank account will now see along side the IBAN, SWIFT/BIC, a new ABA field where they will now be able to put their unique nine digit bank code identifying their branch.

Learn more at Mt.Gox.

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